ibexmedia can bring your event live in HD on the net from anywhere.

Our edit-console with 4 Broadcasting Full-HD P2 Panasonic cameras, Wi-Fi Sennheiser microphones with audio mixer, HD recorder, 4 meters Jimmy Jib, Steady Cam, and more, are ready to spread your content all over the world.

ibexmedia works together with swisscom.ch, somazzinet.ch and livestream.com, ustream.com and youtube.com to give you the best streaming quality you have ever seen! Please, contact us for a demo! 

A real broadcasting studio for your own TV-Show ready to go on-air on your website, your social networks and any HD TV Channel!

We can come directly to you with our flexible technology, that allows us to produce your Show and to stream it to your local TV or your web platforms. Here an example of a kitchen show filmed in an engadin hotel and broadcasted on TeleTicino.

> Watch the first edition here