Web Advertising with HTML5

HTML5 banners of ibexmedia provide a booming canvas of creatively innovative ideas. These help in presenting and structuring the content to the World Wide Web and they have a unique browser compatibility function which makes them work successfully on devices like iPhone and iPad etc. 

We use HTML 5 banners as it helps us to unleash new creativity. It helps in enlivening up the banners by giving them a new lease of life while not compromising on the speeds.

Our reasons for opting for HTML5 Banners:

  • These banners are not only visually attractive rather they are functional; as they are search engine friendly
  • Enabled with Multiple platform capacity operations. They can be used as efficiently on Android as on iOS
  • Provides an easy comprehensible interface that can be managed on its own; with fonts, colours, typography, and text
  • Enables for lighter and simpler rendering engine with  quicker loading time and also making it more suitable for mobile devices constrained with resources

Using this rich and innovative medium, we create highly challenging and technically sound and video banners that not only offer relevant information, rather its visual appeal makes the user stay on the site for longer durations. With call of action messages; the sites get a definite push!